Science Exhibition

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The G.P. room was a hive of scientific endeavour today. Students and parents alike were treated to several science experiments. A group of budding scientists from each class conducted an experiment on a range of interesting topics. We learned about friction, carbon dioxide fire extinguishers and electronic circuits.

Here are some of our videos:


V8 Engine

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The word ‘pistons’ recently came up in English class. Aaron was able to explain to us the function of a piston in an engine and even brought in an engine to demonstrate this the next day:

Dia duit! Is mise Aaron. Táim i rang a sé. I brought in a model of a V8 engine to show the class how pistons work. It took four hours to assemble it. The V8 engine went into multiple cars. It was fun to make and I learned a lot. Slán go fóil!


Uair Chódála

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Is mise Déaghán. Tá mé i rang a ceathair. Is aoibheann liom bheith ag códáil! We went to the computer room on Friday after P.E. We did coding to make the chickens in Minecraft move, make sounds and lay eggs. We made the people move and made an iron gollum kill zombies. We also mined for gold and crafted stuff. We had to use the right type of code to pass the level. We had to use the mouse to drag over commands to the workspace before pressing run to see if the code worked. We plan to spend an hour coding every Friday until summertime. By that stage, we will be able to do coding all by ourselves. 


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Fifth and sixth class are currently learning the basics of coding as part of our efforts to achieve the STEM award this year again for excellence in science, maths and engineering. You too can try at home by visiting:

Maths Week

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This week, we are celebrating Maths Week in Drumlease N.S.

Pupils will be in engaging in many fun maths activities in class and at home.

Here are a few websites pupils might enjoy:

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