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You can read some of our reviews of the play – ‘Maloney’s Dream’ below.

Maloney’s Dream Review

By Cormac

This history-based comedy portrays the events of Easter Week 1916. The play is about Thaddeus Maloney’s dream to open his very own hotel. On the 12th the teacher of 5th & 6th brought both classes to the Hawk’sWell Theatre, one of the 11 venues the play came to. The Branar group put on a passionate, interesting play. The play shows the life of Thaddeus Maloney, the most optimistic man in Ireland. His dream to open his very own hotel and the opertunity is provided by the death of his hotel owning father leaving him the hotel in his will & meets many hilarious characters along the way. Miquel Bacello  provided many hilarious moments with magnificent facial expressions & accordian playing; Michael Chang who played excellent music; Jonathan Gunning who played the role perfectly; Zita Monahan, Helen Gregg & Grace Kiely who played many grand, important roles throughout the show. There was an absolutely brilliant use of props. Great passion shown throughout the cast during the show especially from Jonathan Gunning. Thoroughly enjoyable for all ages therefore I rate it 5 of 5.


Maloney’s Dream

Maloney’s Dream is a play by the Branar theatre group. Set in 1916, Thaddeus Maloney goes home to Ireland to inherit his family’s hotel and to live his dream of running it. But the 1916 rebellion will have a knock on effect on Dublin and Maloneys hotel in Sackville Street ( now O’Connell Street). It is a good play with some funny moments but sometimes the crowd laughed when nothing remotely funny happened. The cast (Jonathon Gunning, Miguel Barcello, Helen Gregg, Grace Kiely and Zita Monaghan) are good but in my mind the show was stolen by Michael Chang and his music as he used it very smartly( e.g on a ferry the noise of seagulls with a violin). This a show that will have the audience watching every second of it. They that it is a show for people eight to one hundred and eight but they would surely welcome someone who was a hundred and nine!  Diarmuid

Maloney’s dream

 To mark the centenary celebrations of Easter Rising 1916, Branar Theatre’s six person cast toured to eleven venues over Ireland. Yesterday, fifth and sixth class travelled to the Hawkswell theatre. The passionate , talented cast included Micheal Chang, Miquel Barcelo, Helen Gregg, Grace Kiely, Jonathon Gunning and Zita Monahan. It is about an optimistic, lively man named Thaddeus Maloney who dreams of running the best hotel in Europe on Sackville street but the grand opening is collided with the Easter rebellion. This 70 minute long production is full of passion,humour,energy, music and creativity. I must mention Micheal Chang for his fabulous musical score. There was a brilliant use of lights, puppetry and props. It was highly energetic and they made great use of the stage. Jonathon Gunning played a fabulous lead. The play blasted with emotion, inspiration and humour. Its unmissable and no doubt I award it five stars.      Ella


This is a story about the most optimistic man in the world……

Thaddeus Maloney!

This play shows a great variety of musical creativity,fantastic humour,passionate acting and fantastic puppetry!

I was lucky enough to join the 5th/6th class of Drumlease N.S,Dromahair in their day out at the Hawkswell Theatre,Sligo.

This is how I got on………


The play was extremely lively and exciting throughout and thought younger audiences the troubles people had that Easter week.

There was an excellent display of props,my favourite being his trunk which is used as a reception desk, railing, seat,  bannister,barrel and suitcase.

The play flew by and did not feel like 70 minutes but I felt there should have been a small break.

I could keep going but I would spoil it as it is very action packed and an edge of the seat production.

Bualadh bos to Marc Mc loughlin as he is an absolutely brilliant director.Also well done to Michael Chang for his brilliant musical score.

Using brilliant effects he certainly made the play a lot more exciting.

Cast: Johnathan Gunning (Mr.Maloney)

       Miguel Barcello (Marcel)

       Michael Chang (Henry)

       Helen Gregg (Housekeeper)

       Zita Monahan (Alice)

       Grace Kiely (Cáit)

                                                   RATING                                                    Review by:Ben                          4 ½ STARS


Maloneys Dream

Maloney’s Dream is a well written play based on the different events which happened during easter week.Thaddeus Maloney also known as Jonathan Gunning plays an optimistic man who comes back from Vienna to open a hotel in Sackville Street now known as O’Connell Street in Dublin but little does he know what lies ahead for him.The play consists on 6 brilliant actors,with fantastic acting,brilliant expression and amazing animation.Michael Chang composed some beautiful music and used the instruments to make amazing sound affects.The cast were full of energy and were brilliant at doing accents.All in all I was highly impressed and would definateey recommened it.

  By Melissa


Visit to the theatre

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IMAG0710Fifth and sixth class on a visit to the Hawks Well theatre today to see ‘Maloney’s Dream’.

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