Ancient Egypt

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We have been learning about Ancient Egypt in recent weeks and Dáithí gave a wonderful presentation today on the topic. Click on the pyramids below to view it.


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Killian used Scratch to create a working circuit. Click on the image below to try it out. Press the green flag in the middle of the screen and click the up button to switch the light off.


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During the month of March, students from third and fourth class will learn about Sir Isaac Newton and Archimedes.

Some of our students have been using Scratch to demonstrate the achievements of these scientists. Click on each picture to view our work on Scratch.


Dáithí presented today about Sir Isaac Newton. To download the presentation, simply click on the apple!

Archimedes was tasked with finding the volume of an irregular shaped object. To read the full story, click on the image below!


Paper Cup Phone

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We are learning about sound this month in Science. We made two different phones to test how effective each phone would be. Our first phone used string and proved very effective at transmitting soundwaves. Our second phone used thread and it didn’t work at all. We guessed that this was on account of being outside, wind interfering with the sound waves and not holding the string taut enough.

Have a look at our videos to see how we got on!


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Amy created a working violin on Scratch. We are learning about string instruments and sound during the month of February in Science. To play the instrument, click on the green flag.

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