Robot Crawler

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We had an interesting visitor to our classroom today! Fia brought in a Coca-Cola can that had been fitted with battery-powered wheels that allowed it to crawl slowly forward.

We estimated it would take 30 – 40 seconds for the can to travel 1m  on the smooth table.

It actually took 23 seconds to travel this distance. We used a stopwatch to ensure our timings were accurate.

We then estimated it would take 40 – 50 seconds for the can to travel 1m on the rough carpet.

The can spent 1 minute and 23 seconds to complete 1m on the carpet.

The higher level of friction on the carpet accounted for the longer amount of travel time.

Life on Lough Nahoo

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Here is a playlist with information about the the different types of reptiles and birds to be found on Lough Nahoo.

Lough Nahoo

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We spent some time in the computer room today researching the flora and fauna of our local Lough Nahoo. We intend to visit the lake in the coming weeks to observe and investigate the lake’s plant and animal life. We hope you enjoy our video which outlines facts and some sounds about the creatures and plants to be found in the environs of Lough Nahoo.

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