The Unburstable Balloon Experiment!

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You will need: 

  • Four balloons 
  • Matches 
  • An adult 
  • Water 
  • A candle 


  1. Inflate two balloons with air.
  2. Inflate two other balloons with air and 100ml of water. 
  3. Light the candle. 
  4. Place the balloon with air over the flame. 
  5. Place the balloon with water over the flame. 
  6. Dry up the water and tidy away the experiment. 


The balloons inflated with air explode very quickly. The balloons inflated with air and water explode eventually but after a much longer period of time. The water conducts the heat from the candle and absorbs the heat energy. Once the water gets really hot, the balloon eventually explodes. 

Pancakes cooking on a frying pan are cooked by conduction. Steaming vegetables are cooked by convection.  Marshmallows over an open fire are cooked by radiation. 

Drumlease National School is a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) school. 

Na Táblaí a Trí

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Má bhfuil tú i rang a trí, cliceáil ar an bpictiúr atá thios. Má bhfuil tú i rang a ceathair, cliceáil ar na minions!

Are you smarter then a nine year old?

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Caoimhe is ainm dom. Is mise Matamaiticeoir na Seachtaine. 

Can you solve the puzzle below?     

                                                        6 + 4 = 210                                              

                                                         9 + 2= 711

                                                        8 + 5 = 313

                                                         5 + 2 = 37

                                                         7 + 6 = 113

                                                         9 + 8 = 117

                                                          10 + 6 = 416

                                                            15 + 3 = 1218

                                                            X + Y = 123

An Fhrainc

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Thosaíomar tionscnamh tíreolaíochta inniu sa seomra ríomhairí. D’fhoghlaimaíomar go leor firící nua faoinár gcomharsana trasna na dtonnta, na Francaigh. Bain sult as!

Crann Ginealaigh

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We are learning about our family trees this month in History.

As our homework for Tuesday night, students are asked to name their siblings, parents and grandparents.

Please use the sound record feature on your tablet or phone to record this information. Your clip should be no longer than thirty seconds.

Log in to

The username is:

The password is: the3sickcats

Simply click on the yellow Upload a Clyp button.

Take a photo of yourself, your siblings, your parents and grandparents if possible. Attach these photos to an email and include your name in the Subject line of the email. Email this to

We will create a family tree video to show our classmates and post it to the school blog.

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